Cadillac And Dinosaurs Which Character To Choose To Survive Longer

Cadillac and Dinosaurs or Mustafa as more commonly known amongst children is an all-time favourite Arcade videogame based on Marvel Comics Characters. The game is simple with little strategizing but go and beat them up type. The mission is to save the city from attack of the dinosaurs that generally do not attack the city. The dinosaurs are triggered by the black marketer that appears to be a scientist. There are four players to rescue this mission each having different abilities.

To survive longer it is required to choose the player with the best of abilities as the enemies get wilder

as the stage progresses. There are enemies like thug and punk that continuously annoy the players because of their leaping abilities. Most of them choose Mustafa as the players, while the other partners have to rely upon the remaining three. Here’s a review of the qualities and shortcomings of their fighting skills: -

Hannah – This girl has good speed, long jumping ability and quick action but the one major thing that she lacks is the power. Due to this

reason the player has to struggle not harder but longer and as the number of enemies increase there is always a chance of missing out one life.

Jack – Jack has power and skills but the reach that he produces is very short and not that effective as that of Mustafa and Mess. He slides to hit the enemies. Jack may be chosen as a player but he is not the chosen one.

Mustafa – Mustafa is the most wanted player when two or three partners are playing simultaneously. It has power, skills and speed. It has everything well balanced and the flying kick that it produces is also one of the best.

Mess – Choose Mess for the power. It lacks speed but is definitely the chosen one after Mustafa. Some prefer Mess over Mustafa because of his strength. It eliminates the enemies faster than any other player and thus requires less time and effort to clear a stage in this videogame.

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