Bollywood Movie Review: Houseful 2

The story starts, ends and you never get a clue what actually is the story about. Then you think about and you realize what the story was. The good thing is you enjoy the movie much of the time particularly before interval. The story takes a good start with introducing the characters but slows down eventually a bit when all the characters are introduced.

Randhir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor acting as brothers have played good roles and the story is almost based upon their relationship conflict which is most of the time comic. The story is about two brothers and their

families that don’t like each other.

Both the brothers want their daughters (Asin and Jacqueline) to be married with the richest man in London. In this process they hire a man (Chunkey Pandey) who helps them find one. The meeting ends up with heart attack of the boy’s (Shreyas’ father) and Shreyas decides to take revenge with the Kapoors.

For this he takes help from his friends and from

here the seeds for real confusion start growing into a plant and then a tree. The good thing is that confusion is enjoyable. You can watch the movie for Mithun and the Kapoor brothers. Rest have performed well too but it was good to see those actors back again.

The talent of Boman Irani is not utilized well. He has a role but not as effective as it always is. The movie goes well in the first half but slows down as it proceeds. There are some very good punches at regular intervals in the movie that doesn’t let the audience take a backseat.

The introduction of Ranjeet is very interesting. Though in a small role, Ranjeet has contributed in the movie. It was good to find Johnny Lever yet again in a good role. You may watch the movie at least once. 

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