Best Teenage Movies From Hollywood – The List Continues

The article now focuses on some of the best teenage movies in continuation with the previous article 6) Princess Diaries

The article now focuses on some of the best teenage movies in continuation with the previous article 6) Princess Diaries

This is the story of a girl who lives with her mother. One day when her grandmother comes to meet her, she realizes that she was a princess. Her grandmother informs that she is the next successor of the royal throne after the death of her father. Since the girl is not so beautiful she feels that she is not worth of being a princess this is when her grandmother counsels her that beauty is not everything but there are other

qualities too for a princess to possess.

7) She’s the Man
There is a girl in a school where there is a football team of boys. There is girls’ team too but no one cares for them. The girl decides to play in the boys’ football team and win the crown. The rest is all about how she executes the action being a boy.

8) John Tucker Must Die
A group of friends that had dated John Tucker once in their past lives discuss their experiences of broken hearts with John Tucker. Then enters a girl in the school in whom John Tuckers

seems to build interest. These girls insist the new girl to teach John Tucker a lesson. Rest part lies in the story.

9) Nick and Norah Infinite Playlist
Nick and Norah study in the same school share same music interest but never talked with each other. Both of them decided to go on the same concert with different people, but the situation took such turn that they landed into circumstances which brought them together in same ride.

10) What a Girl Wants
This is the story of a girl who recently comes to know the whereabouts her father and decides to search him. Her father, in London, is the Duke and is getting married. He is standing for the post of a Senators post. Her father meets her and acknowledges her as his daughter but the society doesn’t respect her as she is an American. What happens next is all in the movie.

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Best Teenage Movies From Hollywood
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