Best Teenage Movies From Hollywood

Specifically targeted for those who are in their teenage, these movies try to highlight the thought process of the children in their teenage. Such movies are family movies to inspire kids to recognize and do what is good for them at that stage of life. Though there have been many, there were some that I liked the most: -

1) A Cinderella story & Another Cinderella Story
These were two different movies with the same fairy tale story. The first one starred Hillary Duff and the latter starring Selena Gomez involves a step mother and a pack of two evil step

sisters. The girl gets the strength to fight against the odds and dares to take what belonged to her when a handsome boy enters her life.

2) Legal Blonde
Legally blonde is about the general mind-set of people towards a girl who is blonde and beautiful. There is a girl, very rich, blonde and beautiful but nobody takes her seriously. Even her parents and her boyfriend dump her thinking of her as some blonde bimbo. To attain her boyfriend’s attention back she studies hard and wins an admission into the Harvard Law School. Does she realize anything or does she get her boyfriend is all in the

other part of the story.

3) Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
When a new girl Lola enters the school she lies to everyone to attract the sympathy from others and to make a fool of them. Later when she is caught she realizes her fault and learns not to become a teenage drama queen.

4) Mean Girls
A new girl when enters the school is insulted by plastics (a group of beautiful upper class crafty girls). She decides to take revenge on these plastics. How does she do that? Rest all is hidden in the story.  This movie shows the limit of hatred that a teenage has in it and the extent of her hatred for others without thinking the cost that other have to pay.

5) Jennifer Body
It is sort of horror teenage movie where a girl gets unfortunately in contact of a devil who then tries to eat her own class mates. In the end her own best friend kills her to get rid of her. It is little dark for teenage genre but the work of Megan and Amanda is worth watching.

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