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Herbal Tea is similar to the tea usually made at home with the difference that the tea leaves do not form part of the ingredients. Herbal tea if defined is a kind of tea that is prepared by boiling the herbal ingredients like ginger, lemon grass, rosemary, etc. in water as per the likings of the individual. There are various reasons that people prefer herbal tea over normal tea. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of taking herbal tea: -

Caffeine free
Since this is prepared out of herbal products there is no caffeine. This prevents a person from

getting addicted to tea and he may drink whenever he may want not as per the need, it the very healthy substitute for coffee or tea.

Low calories
Here, honey is used as a substitute for sugar. Moreover, there is no caffeine consequently resulting in additional deduction in the amount of calories intake by the individual. One can always add honey if he feels tea is strong or somewhat bitter in taste.


of taste
As there are varieties of ingredients there is variety in taste as per the ingredient used for preparation. There are a wide variety of basics ingredients known to people and they can easily prepare tea of their liking by just soaking and boiling it.

Improves digestive system
Herbal tea is often known to improve the digestive system and increase the feel of hunger. When a person drinks a specific herbal for digestive system it helps the cleaning of digestive track consequently making a person feel hungry.

Helps to improve immune system
Healthy digestive system leads to healthy body and purification of blood. A healthy body is nothing but better immunity against germs and diseases.

Often helpful in detoxing
Various detoxing processes are often carried out with the help of continuous drinking of herbal tea. It helps in detoxing the body from harmful antioxidants.

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