Beggars And Begging Styles Have Changed In India

Beggar problem has become one of the biggest problems in India. Begging in India has found several new faces and several techniques. Traditional beggars used a bowl in hand with wrinkles on their faces and ragged clothes. Beggars these days have moved ahead of conventional beggars.

The beggars in India are now more confident. They have developed new styles, new ideas and new techniques to get what they want. Though many beggars in India still follow the bowl and ragged outlook appeal yet there are many with modern approach.

Begging is not a crime. Begging is when someone pleads and prays for

help (generally financial). Begging is different from borrowing. A borrower is supposed to return the money but a beggar is not.

Different Begging Styles & Types of Beggars

Incident 1: - 
Roger was walking down the road when a healthy man (normally dressed) asked for a help of five rupees so that he could have a cup of tea. Roger ignored him and walked away.

Incident 2:-
Chandan was waiting for his train on the railway station. Sitting next to him was an aged man (around 50 years old) reading newspaper. Suddenly that man turned his attention from the newspaper to

Chandan and initiated a general conversation (as it happens on the railway station).

/> Conversation was going smooth until that man asked for a help of fifty rupees. The man was reading an English newspaper, talked with Chandan in English language and was looking sophisticated. Chandan had no reason to think that man a beggar.

Incident 3: -
Ratan stopped his motorcycle by the roadside to wait for someone. It was not more than ten minutes that he was approached by a family (a man, woman and two children) that looked as if they belonged to lower middle class.

They said that they had lost their money and it would be great help if Ratan could lend him a sum of 500 rupees so that they could buy train tickets and go home situated far away from that place.

There could be many more styles of begging in India. The problem is that it hurts when you help someone and then you find that the person you helped does that thing daily. The worst thing is that not all the beggars are physically challenged. 


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