Basics Of Palmistry The Mount Of Moon

Out of the different features available in the hand the considerable feature while making judgements related to careers and interests are the mounts. The mount can either be raised, flat or high rise or deep. The effectiveness of the fingers is partially dependant on how the mounts are. The mount related to the creative abilities, artistic interests and imagination of the individual is the mount of moon.

Mount of moon is located on the lower left side of the hand above the mount of defensive Mars. Mount of moon shares a major portion on the lower side of the hand with

the mount of Venus. These are separated by the Life line. Mount of moon can be divided into three equal parts.

The uppermost portion i.e. on the side of the mount of Mars, if raised then it may be assumed that the digestive system of such person is weak and may have some problems related to intestines. If the middle portion is elevated then it may be assumed that the person is prone to cold and cough. If the lowermost portion is elevated then the person suffers from headache. 

The position and elevation of mount of moon tells the imagination and intuition power of the individual. The higher the mount of the

moon, the better and more the person would think. If it goes higher than normal then the person has better thought process then execution. If it is less than normal then the person is not able to think much.

Such people take interest in all the activities that require imagination for example music, literature, painting, poetry etc. They are not the best of athletes but they have better mental abilities. If there are lot of thin lines on the mount of moon it may be said that such people dream a lot. If the lines form bad signs the dreams are bad. 

Besides the lines and the shape of hand there are mounts that are also worth consideration while analysing or interpreting the hand of the subject. The study of Palmistry includes everything from the shape of the hand, fingers, hair on the back of the hand, thumb and every other feature that is available on the hand. It is important to study the process flow of palmistry to proceed with final interpretations.


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