Basics Of Palmistry The Mount Of Jupiter

Mount of Jupiter reflects the religious interests of a person, devotion towards an individual in love, unselfish attitude, helping others, spending money to impress others and the will to control others. This mount represents the leadership qualities of the person and is located in the base of the index finger. This mount helps to predict/analyse/interpret the person’s devotion towards his partner.

The mount is flat, slightly elevated or highly elevated. This is the only mount in the hand where the sign of cross is considered as a good sign. The characteristics displayed by the person depend on how much the mount

is elevated.

If the mount is flat, the person doesn’t have respect for parents, elders, teachers and older people. This individual avoids taking responsibilities and seldom gets involved in true love. He is not very religious. At the same hand if the shape of the hand is conical or psychic the person loves to take rest and is lazy kind.

If the mount if slightly elevated the person is religious, ambitious, nature lover, respects others, takes responsibilities and likes to lead people. This person likes to show off if the mount of Venus is

also elevated on the hand.

If the Mount of Jupiter is highly elevated in the hand then it may be interpreted that the person loves to rule people. In this process he may tend to dictate those surrounding him. Though he is good at heart yet his dominating nature makes a bad impression sometimes. This person shows off to grab others attention and sometimes uses inhuman methods to stay on top.

To learn palmistry it is important to pay attention to every feature in the hand. As mentioned in our previous articles it is important to understand the process flow of palmistry and avoid quick conclusions.

Always confirm what you feel before making a statement for example if the Mount of Jupiter is slightly elevated while the line of heart ends at highly elevated Mount of Saturn and the Mount of Mars is reddish in colour, then it is not necessary that the person will be devoted to his beloved.

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