The Avengers – Hollywood Movie Review

Give yourself some time to watch The Avengers, A Hollywood action movie produced by Marvel Studios. The Avengers is a movie based on heroic acts performed by Marvel Comic Superheroes. The team of Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow combats against the main villain Loki by the initiation and directions of Nick Fury who first saw Loki coming and taking command of some of his men for his purpose.

The movie begins with some introductory action with Nick Fury and Loki setting the stage for a fine plot. Nick Fury decides to call upon the superheroes to

organize who were living isolated at different places. The first half is majorly the entry of superheroes that form a team to rescue the world against the extra-terrestrial attack by Loki.

The incredible Hulk has some incredible moments in The Avengers. Especially when Captain America asks him to smash everyone and when Loki calls himself a God. The movie is a bit long than usual Hollywood movies but as an audience you would never feel that. It is only after the movie gets over that the audience realizes that they could sit for some extra-long.

The Avengers is a real display of action.

Smashing, throwing, fighting, rage, there is everything. The Avengers released in 3D and 2D. The action moments in the movie are worth watching in 3D. There are some moments in the movie when there are thrills can be felt at the spine. Since there are so many superheroes there are limited roles for each one yet the role of Iron Man, The Hulk can be said as the most enjoyable.

There are great moments for Thor, Captain America and The Black Widow as well. Tom (Loki) has completely justified his role as Loki, the God who wants to rule the planet. Watch the movie for incredible action moments with some sense of emotion and slight comedy by Iron Man as you could always expect out of him.

The Avengers Star Cast (Major)
Thor – Chris Hemsworth
Iron Man – Robert Downey Junior
The Hulk – Mark Ruffalo
Black Widow – Scarlett Johansson
Captain America – Chris Evans
Main Villain & Brother of Thor, Loki – Tom Hiddleston

Watch out The Avengers. The movie is good.

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