Are All The Political Leaders Corrupt?

Corruption charges have haunted some of the major political leaders from all times. Some of those political leaders still hold major positions in the Indian political leadership. According to some, politicians and corruption are synonymous to each other. Are all the political leaders corrupt? Does politician means a corrupt person? Think before you judge. 

Not all the politicians are corrupt. Accusing someone is always easier. What does a corrupt person mean? Is it only the one who takes bribe is corrupt? Recently a friend of mine told me that he wants to have a passport and if I knew someone who

could do it for him. I suggested him to look at the Government website and have it legally without any intermediary to which he said, “They do the things easier”.

It is true that the things are not progressing as quick as it should have been but the things are moving and are moving good. Projects for nuclear power plants, several highway projects and flyovers to reduce traffic, shopping malls and other infrastructural developments are all done by the Government (or the politicians).

It is the politicians that

worked for their areas and consequently the development took place. May be they misused their authorities to some extent but ask yourself how much you misuse the power that you have. Then you might say, “Not all the fingers are the same. We serve our company with the best of honesty levels”. Decide yourself how true this statement is.

Indira Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Sardar Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and many other such names are of the greatest of political leaders from India. While some may accuse them (as everyone has the right to express) but the contribution of such leaders may not be ruled out.

As with the case of common people, not all the politicians are corrupt. Those sitting in the Parliament house are not necessarily corrupt and sitting idle not doing anything for the nation but there might be many of them who work to contribute for the nation and probably we don’t recognize enough.


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