Is Amir Khan Lead Satyameva Jayate Ending Too Early?

The advertisements regarding Satyameva Jayate are common on television these days, featuring the hint that the coming episode would be the last one of this marvellous attempt by Amir Khan Productions. Satyameva Jayate perhaps brought Amir Khan for the first time on national television as a host and appreciated by many. But should this serial end this early or was it (Satyameva Jayate) that good that it feels too early?

Satyameva Jayate is a weekly episodic television serial that brings out a research work on various social problems prevailing in India and the ways to fight them. The show is aired

on Indian Television (DD National and Star) every Sunday for one and a half hour. Satyameva Jayate comes up with variety of topics that are/could be serious issues with respect to social lives of people.

Experts from those particular fields share their views through Satyameva Jayate. Format of this Amir Khan hosted program is such that the audience is introduced by the host Amir Khan first, then the

issue is discussed and introduced for the understanding of common mass and finally preventive measures.  

Satyameva Jayate was able to touch upon most discussed issues such as alcoholism, scarcity of water, increasing use of pesticides, relationship of the elderly people with their younger ones etc. in a very calculative manner. Amir Khan spoke in such a firm voice and on such a serious note that one and a half hour felt like nothing.

This is not a biased or emotional view but it feels like this show is ending up too early. May be they have minds to come again with some other topics. Such shows are never easy as the hard work and efforts can be easily felt. If this is the last episode of Amir Khan lead Satyameva Jayate, let’s see if this really is the last episode or will it come again next year/season.

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