Allied Lemuir Packers And Movers Review

Allied Lemuir is one of the international packers and movers that promise to take care of your goods when you have to relocate to some other place locally or outstations. Allied Lemuir was an unknown name to me until someone suggested me to try it out. Since I hadn’t heard its name ever before I suggested them to get a survey done and quote me the approximate amount that they would charge me.

They reached the appropriate time and submitted a quote that was reasonable as per my previous experience with other mover and packers companies in India. On the price

for moving and packing material I was assured but what I still wanted was the method of packing and moving the goods such that it doesn’t cause accidental damage to the material.

Though Insurance is there to cover the accidental damage but to follow that tedious exercise and to settle for a few pennies it is better to take care in the beginning. Prevention is always better than cure. People from Allied Lemuir packers and movers assured me not to worry as they have hands on experience in moving and packing material.

I said ok as I had had a bad experience with A******* Packers and Movers when I received the material (books, mattress and

such items) in bad shape. The day that Allied Lemuir Packers and Movers people arrived they came with full preparation. There was a supervisor and 4 people. All appeared to be well trained in their jobs.

They divided their jobs in different rooms and performed the packing and moving such as they were doing it for themselves. It was good to see that they did not point out material as bad for transportation except a gas cylinder which I agreed was hazardous. They packed the material with utmost care as I could witness them doing so.

The behaviour of the people was hospitable. The best thing with the Allied Lemuir packers and movers people was that they didn’t ask for cash at the end of their job. This is the most ridiculous thing with majority of people from other movers and packers in India.

Later I received my material in good condition with the same hospitability offered at their ends though those people didn’t seem very well educated but they knew how to behave. My experience with Allied Lemuir Movers and Packers was great. 


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