Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones

Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘The one who doesn’t analyse both the sides of the coin is not being honest’.  There are less people that can think of the negative impacts produced by the mobile phone as there are too many good features to complain (here there is no mention of medical issues presented by mobile phone). Here we try analysing the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone related to social behaviour: -  

Mobile phones have benefited the human beings immensely. While it facilitates meeting at strange places, it gives the holders the confidence not to lose connection even at crowded gatherings.

The development of technology has brought mobile phones with such impressive features that it acts like a mini computer. Android applications, mobile gaming, wallpapers, internet surfing, navigation, conference calling etc. have extended the use of mobile phones from just one to one conversation to the world of fantasy.

Applications like Facebook twitter and emails are used more on mobiles than laptops. Smart Phones from Blackberry, Apple, HTC and other leading mobile companies have done well to get them in the hands of people which further take the discussion ahead. Despite all those qualities there are some disadvantages related to the usage of mobile phones. 

Imagine four people travelling in a car.

Instead of talking to each other they are busy over phone talking to third person that is not even present there. Imagine a wife waiting for her husband to come home from office and when her husband comes he is busy over phone. Consider another situation. Three people ordered pizza in a restaurant and the pizza boy said the order will be delivered in another 15 minutes.

Instead of enjoying or conversing with each other one opens Facebook, another gets engaged in online chatting and the third one watching both of them and eagerly waiting for the order. This third person was the one who had to pay. There are umpteen situations where the use of mobile phones has spoiled festivals and celebrations. Their use if not restricted to certain extent spoils the social life of a person.

As a solution to this problem, there must be set a bare minimum requirement of the usage of mobile phones. People may feel their life stopped due to non-usage of mobile phones however due to its extended usage the relatives or friends feel annoyed and irritated at times.

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