Admission In Engineering College Is Career In Engineering A Wise Decision?

Gone are the days when engineering was limited to three or four particular branches and a few colleges that could offer engineering degree to the students. These days engineering field is wide spread. Engineering courses are offered in unique streams like earthquake engineering, rubber engineering, dairy technology, textile engineering, fire engineering, safety engineering etc. Despite those various options, is career in engineering a wise decision to make?

There are three important aspects while opting for a course.

• Surety of getting a job after the completion of the course
• What is the investment (time and money) for pursuing the course?

Is the student interested in taking the course?

The most important of all the above mentioned aspects is the area of interest which is the most overlooked of the three. It is not difficult to get a job after the completion of engineering course. Recently it has been observed that the students opting for less popular engineering streams get better jobs than those prevalent in the market.

The second question is investment of money and time. Duration of an engineering course is four years for regular students and three years for those who join after polytechnic diploma. Then there is the money factor. Fees for engineering colleges are getting higher year by year.  These days it requires more than 2, 00,000 INR for a student to become an engineer.

Fees is not a problem these days as there educational loans to take care of expenses during the study period. Parents and students are both happy to opt for this even when they have money in

their pockets. What they have to face is the interest that they have to pay when the student gets a job.
The package and growth generally informed to the student is higher than it actually is in the market.

Though it depends on the colleges yet on an average an engineer earns something around 3.5 lakhs per annum. Here is something that the final year students and the new professionals aren’t aware of.
A package of 3.5 lakhs may yield less amount of money (for example 15000 INR) in hand to an employee in one company while it may yield greater amount (for example 25,000 INR) at some other company.

Engineering course normally requires 50% marks in 12th with physics, chemistry and maths as subjects opted in 12th. To secure a seat in an engineering college it is required to clear the entrance test for the respective college for example IIT for admission to any of the IIT or MP PET and other state entrance tests for state colleges.

Main thing is if the student isn’t interested in engineering course he might not know what his job profile would be and his success may always be in doubt. A student must choose the engineering field only if he is interested in it and also he should know which branch to choose in engineering for a successful career.

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