5 Major Reasons Why People Quit Jobs

The major reason that people change their jobs is often assumed to be better salary structure. This might be one major reason, however if given a deeper thought there are other reasons too that have compelled people to leave their organizations and switch to some other company. Here’s a look at some of those reasons: -

Job Location
Those who love busy lives, crowded roads, something happening every day and ambitious thoughts are not comfortable in villages or smaller towns while some people don’t just prefer the metropolitan cities. Some people want to move closer to their hometowns while some are

unexpectedly transferred to some other location that they would never have preferred.

Under any of these circumstances if there is none other option, the employee has to take a decision to think about changing the job. Majority of times the organizations agree if the location issues are discussed but not every time and not with everyone.

Company Policies
Some companies have stringent policies on promotion, annual incentives, leave policies, travel policies etc. that make the individual think whether he/she should continue working for that company when the other company has better policies for the similar profile. For example an organization with five working days a week culture is preferred over an organization

with 6 working days a week.

Employment benefits
If the company doesn’t have any employee motivation strategies in place, the employees soon start to find the workplace boring. At the same time when they discuss their work culture with their acquaintances they feel they should be at a better place. 

Reporting Manager
Reporting manager or boss is the major reason why an employee changes the job. It has been observed that the employees rejected better offers from other companies just because their boss or manager was as per their likings. Not everyone knows how to manage the manager but a manager should know how to motivate the employees.

Better Salary
It is easy to get better salary by switching the jobs. In the beginning if this is repeated twice or thrice the job seeker gets sufficient jump that he would never have made had he been there with the same company. Majority of them do these to attain easy success and better designations.

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