10 Tips To Take Care Of Fishes At Home

Fishes are some of the most loved species by humans to keep at their homes. It requires greater care and attention but it does not require a large space necessarily for them. One can keep fishes in small bowls or large tank as per his suitability and the available area or space. It is also good for those living alone as they can watch the fishes moving and experience the beautiful creation of God. Fishes often act as decorative for home. As the fishes are in different shapes and sizes it is important to take care of them: -

1. Make

sure that the temperature of water is not too cold. This can be achieved by lighting bulb or some sort of light. It keeps the fishes warm. This bulb or light can easily be attached to the cover of tank.

2. Do not forget to feed them. This small creature does not make noise and can’t call you for food. Be careful not to over feed them.

3. Ensure it has enough space to move around freely in the aquarium. Do

not try to cram all of them in one place

4. Consider the size while buying the fishes as one tries to buy colourful fishes for the tank which includes big and small fishes together. Due to this small fishes cower in the corner and big ones roam all over.

5. Try to clean their place regularly. Tanks and bowls require cleaning within every 15 – 20 days. This helps keeping the fish healthy and alive. Tanks with larger fishes require more frequent cleaning.

6. Usually one type of fishes is more comfortable to keep.

7. One can also use artificial source of oxygen so that fishes always get the required amount of oxygen.

8. Decoration should be there in tank but it should not be in over and to make fishes uncomfortable.

9. Develop a habit of regularly taking the water temperature by thermometer.

10. Try to keep fresh water and salt water fishes separately as it needs different type of water.

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