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People running down the road many a day from their offices to smoke is quite a common scene nowadays. With the tensions built up in minds, bigger targets and shorter achievement time people drift themselves towards cigarette smoking habit. Though most of us know that it has nothing to do with stress release yet continue with it happily. There are some who do it just for a social fit or to keep maintain social circle.

Here is how you can get rid of it: - 

1. Don’t Hurry
While leaving the habit of smoking does not be hasty, it is step by

step procedure that requires sometime. Keep your patience and motivate yourself by decreasing the number of cigarettes consumed in a day earlier. This is particularly helpful for chain smokers.

2. Deep Breathing or Yoga
Deep breathing exercises and some breathing of yoga also help quit this habit. When the urge is on one may start deep breathing. It is very successful as it relaxes the mind and enables the person to think something other than to smoke.

3. Stay Away from Caffeinated Products
Caffeine based products are also able to produce some urges to smoke while sometimes those enable the victim to control these urges. Whatever the case may be, beware caffeinated products are also addictive therefore one should try to avoid them to the best possible extent.

4. Fluid Intake Method
Fluid intake during this period is very helpful as it helps in controlling urges to smoke as it also helps in diverting your mind. Fluid intake also helps to manage the feeling of satisfaction which often comes with smoking.

5. Try Oral Substitute
Now days oral substitutes of tobacco based products are available in the market. Though slightly expensive, it often reduces or ends the craving. These are

in the form of herbal cigarettes or nicotine based gums for regular chewing purposes.

6. Seek Support
Families and friends are there to support. One can also join the group of people who are trying to quit smoking. When there is an environment the motivation level is higher and also the feeling of guilt is lesser that the smoker expects from rest of the society or peoples.

7. Don’t Pretend that to Quit Smoking is Easy
To quit any habit is not easy. Similar is the case with smoking. Don’t do it for others. Do it for yourself. Take it seriously and don’t assume that you got rid of until you spend some time without it. It happens that those who leave it at once start again after a week.

8. Change Routine
Changing your daily routine can also help include some healthy habit like exercise/workout or morning/evening walk. Try to keep something to chew like gum, chocolate but don’t get addicted to them. Try to develop some new interests like reading books or listening music etc.

9. Beware – Danger Ahead
When one tries to get rid of smoking, there are a moments of temptations to attract the quitter.  Keep yourself determined and make yourself clear of the disadvantages or pros and cons of smoking so as to keep away from cigarettes.

10. Counselling
Counselling is sometimes the last option for the quitters. They can also seek professional help to quit smoking if their other things are not working.

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