10 Hollywood Movies That Girls Love To Watch

Confessions of a Shopaholic
The movie revolves around a girl addicted to shopping. It is about how this problem made her suffer and how she gets away with it. This is an entertaining chick flick with blend of comedy and romance.

27 Dresses
This is the story of a girl who always acted as a bride’s maid but never as a bride. Once when her baby sister was getting married with the person she loves she decides to take over to finally become the bride.

Devil Wears Prada
Anne Hathaway acts as an intern in a fashion magazine where she learns how

to survive in the world of fashion where the others tried to sabotage her personal life. The focus is her struggle to make place in the fashion world.

Pretty Woman
Tale of a hooker and hard core business man shows their different lifestyles and their perspectives towards their lives. There is a hint that if situation is against us, it can always be changed.

Miss Congeniality
An FBI officer with almost no sense of fashion enters as a participant to rescue a fashion show. This is about what else is hidden in the glamour world apart from beauty and glamour. 

13 goes to 30
A girl at 13 wakes up to find that she has turned 30. There is a message that responsibilities start building up with age and what she missed in those precious years in race to

grow old fast.

PS I love you
The movie revolves around a girl whose husband dies soon after their marriage. The girl goes under depression. The girl starts receiving letters from someone that were written by her husband. Rest is her quest to find out who was sending the letters to her.

No Strings Attached
A girl and a guy who agree upon a relationship merely based upon sex and no personal feeling or emotions for each other. Could they manage it till the end?

The Ugly Truth
A female show producer tries hard to get her show going and intends to do everything quality but despite her efforts the show keeps going down. This is when enters a local TV guy with lesser moral values but with a single aim to get the show on top. The heroine seeks the advice of this guy to find her true love.

Brides War
A Tale of two best friends who share a dream to marry at same place thus attending each other’s wedding ceremony.  Unfortunately due to some problem their marriage into same day due to which problem occurs. This movie shows how brides act in dire situations.

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